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Enemy behaviors

A topic by OvoFox11 created Nov 23, 2016 Views: 186 Replies: 3
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One of the things I really like about this game is the improvisational combat, being able to chain together simple moves and feeling empowered when you pull it off. Another great part of this game is the enemy diversity. So what if enemies could get their weapons slashed out of their hands with a high enough upgrade for the sword skill tree? Then, if we added more complex enemies, like katana-wielding superfast ninja droids or slow-moving but powerful spear robots, enemies could pick up things from the ground to use as weapons. A ninja droid could be spinning a spear around while dashing toward you, a higher-tier archer could be hurling swords at your face (because they have the little targeting thing over their eye to aid with accuracy?) or maybe they could even use the limbs of the slain enemies as tools!

Just a thought, but I think the game would really open up if changes like this were made.


Fun suggestions! :)

More weapons is on my list to explore for sure.

Picking up random weapons could be fun. Right now you die when you lose your right sword hand, but it would be neat if you could pick your sword up again and wing it with your left arm at a slower speed.


Ooh, that does sound neat. If anybody else here played Wind Waker when they were a kid, they might get what I'm saying. There were enemies in that game who would pick up each others' weapons and that was SO COOL to me when I was younger. Thanks for replying, I think this game is headed in a good direction!

here are some mor weapons and enemies... hammers, crossbows, turrets, crossbows, maces, pistols, mechs, dragon mechs, tiger mechs, double swords, space planes, drones, alien animals (4 da blod), reassembled robits, wrenches, flamethrowers, snipers, flying jet-pack bots, crowbars (congrats you've won the excellence in shopping centers... actually the crowbar snaps in two.. just kidding.(jontron fans will know understand this)) and mor to think of.