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The project does not load (Black screen). Version 6.3

A topic by Raigon created 69 days ago Views: 169 Replies: 5
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Hey. I have a problem with loading the game. I need to upload my project to Beatsy. But the file does not want to load and displays a black screen.
Perhaps the fact is that I used a non-standard font (Russian), but until this point everything worked well only occasionally giving a warning that some characters might not be displayed correctly.

By the way, the project was originally made on version 6.2, then ported to 6.3 without any problems. I could edit the project for a while, then I tried to reload it and this caused a problem.

Any idea how to fix this?



I'm having this exact same problem! I was working on a game on my computer, downloaded/exported it, uploaded it to Bitsy on another computer, and everything is black and the game data is blank. I tried uploading an older game and it worked, but if I tried downloading that same game and then uploading it again, same problem. Tried downloading and reuploading the default "new game", same issue. It's weird that there are no other comments mentioning this!

Should have checked first, looks like there's an open bug for this: Fingers crossed that it gets fixed soon...

I too have this problem! at least two people in my game jam!

Same situation occurred; What am I suppose to do?

Still happening to me too... :(