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How do i split/start/stop time AS I PLAY?

A topic by KILLERCAR created Nov 23, 2016 Views: 660 Replies: 4
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I have everything setup but there needs to be a way that i don't need to waste time tabbing out to stop the timer that im using. I know how to use the tim split tracker now that i messed around with it but how am i going to split/start/stop the time as im am in the game on mac?

Global hotkeys have not been implemented yet, but is on the todo list.

one more thing tried to upload one of my splits to an it didn't work is there a way to make it work because the site supports downloading time split tracker downloads for splits yet i can't get it to upload my splits.Im uploading it as a .txt because thats what its saves the splits as.

If you are uploading it directly to the (I guess you would be since uploading that inside TST wouldn't be added yet on this version) then I would ask someone over there about that. I didn't see a selector for the format so I would assume it would be guessing.

ok thanks