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Watercolors not showing

A topic by casteliad created 66 days ago Views: 298 Replies: 5
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Hey there, 

I`m a fan of this generator and thanks for your work watabou. I have a question though, did your last update mess with sth so that the watercolored districts dont show eve if it is selected? Did anybody else encountered the same problem?


Yes, kind of. Districts are colored differently now. For unsaturated palettes (e.g. Default, Ink) district colors vary in brightness instead of hue. For example this map is watercolored - note that some districts are lighter and others are darker. For saturated palettes (e.g. Ancient and Color) colors didn't change much. Depending on feedback I'll probably revert to the previous method.


Awesome new update! The option to have white background, colourful buildings like before would be excellent though as all my maps are like that :D


You still can get white background and colored buildings using a custom palette as "saturation" of a palette is determined only by its "light" color (i.e. the color of roofs). Example:

<svg width="90px" height="40px" xmlns="">
    <rect width="90" height="40"  id="paper" fill="#ffffff"/> <!-- White background -->
    <circle cx="20" cy="20" r="10" id="ink" fill="#000000"/>
    <circle cx="45" cy="20" r="10" id="medium" fill="#336699"/>
    <circle cx="70" cy="20" r="10" id="light" fill="#ffaa55"/>

 Hey Watabou, thanks for the reply!

Not too sure about SVGs or how to use custom code like you posted with the generator, I've been using export with PNG. Sorry to be such a total noob on the subject!


Like described here in "custom colors" section: create a new file, copy that code into this new file and save it. It's your "custom palette". Drag and drop it into the generator to update colors.