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Tomb Explorer V1.0 Release

A topic by johndimi created Nov 22, 2016 Views: 209
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Hello world ,

Some days ago I published my latest game here on

Tomb Explorer is a top-down, classic arcade action game. Inspired by an old Amstrad CPC game called "ohmummy",
Explore levels, open tombs, get treasures, items, avoid or kill enemies and get to the exit!

Check it out here:

Game Modes

An Arcade mode, features arena-levels where you play for a highscore at an increasing difficulty at each level.
An Adventure mode features 128 unique levels with lots of enemies, traps, and some tough moments.

Note : ( the DEMO version of the game includes the Arcade mode only )

Version 1.0 First public release
Everything is complete. It runs well, solid controls and no bugs!
I am going to continue working on this game in the coming months, more level sets and game modes?
Made with HaxeFlixel ( I love haxe! )
Follow me on twitter and here on itchio to get updates on my future game projects.

I have put a lot of effort into making TombExplorer, thanks for checking it out and thanks for your support !


P.S. I have built an online version of the ARCADE mode of the game, available here

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