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I want to play your game on youtube!

A topic by 100MPH games created 219 days ago Views: 560 Replies: 25
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Hey guys! I have a youtube channel (Gamingwiz13) and I have a new series called "Indie game review" I would love to play your games on my channel! If you would like me to play your game just make a post below with a link to it's Itch.io page and I will check it out! If I end up playing your game I will post on this thread with the link to the video! :)

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You can find my first two episodes below

Episode #1:

Episode #2:

Can you review my card game themed sandbox cyber cards?


I will throw my game here then:


Thanks for playing!

Hello 100MPH games,

I would love it if you could play my latest game called Harambe Ruins! Send me the video when you make it too. I would love to see it.

Thank you for your time,

Mason Zettlemoyer

My game: Error Ware 2

I'm always for supporting smaller YouTube channels & highly enjoy watching people play my silly games :) I'm working on a Wario Ware like game called "Error Ware 2", maybe you want to check out the free demo?

this is a lot to choose from! Thank you for all your suggestions I will be making some videos soon ;)

Sounds cool, thanks!


https://aiplexprogramming.itch.io/ if you have the time

Yo, If you want i don't mind you showing of my game demo!

Just let me know what you think. Looking for feedback!


Infection Rate


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Episode #3 is out now!!



I have three games that would be good for your channel:

Figured i'd throw my game in here. It's currently on greenlight!

Hey, hope you will play my Multiplayer Game. Unfortunately there are not so much player actually.

Feel free to play it. There are cheats as well if you press the [`] key but you have to discover the codes on your own (5 character code using numbers and letters). Have fun!

I would love to see you play my Tycoon Game! It is designed to teach renewable energy concepts while presenting a challenging mission of managing the powerplants to power one city.

You can find it here: https://powerthegrid.itch.io/power-the-grid

Hello, you can take a look here https://blast82.itch.io/hotar and make a video if you like the game ;)


Hello Gamingwiz13!

Feel free to review these games of mine:

Flex Armstrong - Iron pumping hyper hero

Navpoint Alpha - Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war

Botanical Box - You are a plant. Grow tall and reach full bloom

Here is my game:

hi there can you play my game called five nights at squidwards 2 please if you can link here: https://swagcat88.itch.io/five-nights-at-squidward-2


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I am working on 3D platformer with a twist - you play as blind hero and have to finish each level twice. Once in normal mode, second time completely blinded. It's still in early access, but the core gameloop is complete and I am now working on polishing and balancing.

Thank you for your time and this great ooportunity,


I was working on my first project would be cool id you would check it :)


In my game you run around shooting killer clowns. It is a very hard but addicting platformer game. I really hope you'll play it!