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Shotgun Farmers

The mutliplayer shooter where your bullets grow the guns · By QaziTV


A topic by Ykor created Nov 20, 2016 Views: 407 Replies: 5
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When you stand on a growing Carrocket seed your head bobs.


ah good catch!

Select Gamemode input field doesnt change title.... Just a FYI.

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When you hit the ladder* while climbing, it makes no sound and doesn't look like you're hitting anything(Don't know if that's by design or not)

*On the large silo

One of the corners of the large haystacks lets you climb up slightly, as if there is in an invisible ladder, also if you try to jump over it - it glides you forward

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When you shoot the shotgun to a close target, the seed appears at a hit point

and when the target is far away, you can see the seed shoot forward out of the gun

The top stair of the house where you spawn to the barn to the left of you in front - is the cut off point

It seems like it depends on where the random shot will hit - if the hit marker covers a close object and the open air, if the random location is hitting the close object - it will spawn there, otherwise - you will see it travel