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I need plays & feedback, even my friends ignore me and doesnt care. It would mean alot

A topic by S. Drakensson created Nov 19, 2016 Views: 210 Replies: 3
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My friends have for over 2 years said that they are interested in playing my game when it comes out. But now when i drop the link to them, they ignore me and doesnt give a single shit in me. Traitoooors xD That hurts alot. I feel ignored. Because what have the hard work been for......when nobody on the planet wants to give it a try? Without feedback, how can one possibly grow as an artist?
Without feedback, it is impossible for me to know what to avoid and what to improve in future games xD

Im going to give this forum a try :D
This is the link to my game:
The game is a science-fiction visual-novel with fully interactive segments. It tells the story of 3 characters with Asperger's Syndrome (i have that as well) that prepares for a Virtual-Reality competition on their school in the year of 2022.
But meanwhile, there is a political struggle in the city wich might affect their life and part in the game.

And uhm.......i have no damn idea how you "embed" a picture or video here. All i see is "insert link".


To insert an image, paste a link to it on a line of its own, and press enter.

That said, I can't play your game because it's Windows-only. (Out of curiosity, what's it made with?) But it looks like you just released it; give it some time! And make sure to advertise it in other places as well. itself can only bring so much traffic, but the visual novel community is always on the lookout for new works. Good luck!

At the moment visual novels are not my thing. However, the artwork is very well done. With 'No Time To Play's' suggestion. It might be a good thing to target the visual novel community.

As for as your friends supporting your game.... Do they develop games too? Do they play games? Do they have an open mind about games outside the commercial audience... Or, towards games reaching a different concept from the norms?

Far be it from me to judge your circumstance with your 'friends'. But honestly, it's not very hard to click on a link these days. But nevertheless, don't give up on your idea's and pursuits in the future..


thanks, things have gotten a little bit better now. I recieved my first feedback from a fellow gamedev from Deviantart. She gave the game a 4/5 score. I didnt expect that but........i shall not complain XD

anyway, im developing 2 new games now, so im not gonna give up on my passion :D