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Where can I make games?

A topic by NukemStudios created Jun 01, 2019 Views: 111 Replies: 2
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I don't know where I can get a software/Program where I can make a game. I don't care what type if it is 3d or 2d. Frame to frame or visual novel. All I need is a software/Program. So if you know any please let me know! I really want to start making a game.

-Tide Wolfia



Why, there's a lot of them! Just for interactive fiction, there's Twine, Texture, Alan, TADS, Inform and many others. For visual novels, most people use Ren'Py. For tile-based games, Bitsy is very easy to use. If you like games like Sokoban and Supaplex, take a look at PuzzleScript. And that's just a very short list, because mostly I just program my own without using a tool. Look around!

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If you want to try making a could try rpg maker...I am using VX ace right now and it's pretty good.