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A horror game, but with full lights on! · By IEP_Esy

Completed this Game :)

A topic by Gamers nation created Jun 01, 2019 Views: 3,707 Replies: 13
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Nice game.....I made a Video for you...Check it out!


Thank you! But, you didn't finished the game... :)

I already beat the Time, So what to do next? :)


You have to get to the "finish" you can find it by the sound

Oh sorry i thought i just need to beat the time. :) 

Dev please check my video there are tons of questions,suggestion for this game....May be they will give you a good idea for your next update if you are planning so.


Thanks for the heads up! It's done :)

I will let you know if my subscribers gave more ideas :) 

Is that game is only made by you alone or you have a team?


There is a "Credits" section in "Options". The game is developed by me.


If anyone else has a let's play video, they can post it here! 

I will post other let's play videos from other sources here aswell.


Jayskibean Recorded a Let's play video: 


Finished it on dream mode, still looking for other spawn locations


Finished it here and well and really enjoyed the game.