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The human must be challenged ---

A topic by Retrotation created Nov 15, 2016 Views: 692 Replies: 13
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iSawTron 3000::


Fifth Element, anyone?



Would love to help bring 'Clone Drone in the Danger Zone' to a smash success, email me Matt.Olick3D (at)

Looking forward,

Matt Olick


wow these are amazing! Great job!


Whaaaaaaaat?! Those are some excellent models! :)

Love the pointy hatted dark samurai dude especially!

agreed! Maybe, in the far future, you would be able to select a robot's skin! (Default, Samurai, Kinght, etc.)

ponlos en un chapter no? :)

What software did you use to make the dude with the pointy hat guy animate in the gif?


Modeled in Qubicle, Animated in Maya, Rendered in Unreal Engine :)

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I wish I had maya =,=

Comp is only 32 bit right now (will upgrade to 64 soon)

Nice fan art tho. You make fan art for other games as well or just decided to do it for this one?

Maya offers 3 years educational license, you get all the features of Maya for non-commercial use. You just have to sign up :)

You only get it once, so make sure you're serious about using the educational license when you sign up!

For many of my previous titles that I have worked on, including Starbound, I began by making fan art for the current developers. It gets you to study their current art-style, and at the same time performs as an 'art test'. It is a great and inspiring exercise :)

Damn O.o

I make fan art when I'm bored but good for ya :P

i want sawtron and that samurai


WOW I need to make creator add this L O L

bump. ADD NOW

Cool what program did you use to animate this