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Is This Still Happening?!

A topic by DrBattleDonkey created Nov 15, 2016 Views: 262 Replies: 2
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Hi Ben,

Loved your courses on Udemy (for anyone reading this who doesn't know, they're worth every penny : https://www.udemy.com/user/benjamin241/) and I've been thinking about making a turn-based RPG for years, so when I saw this on kickstarter I couldn't resist. Even better, estimated delivery was September! So...I really don't mean this in a bad way, but when I bought in to this I was really expecting to find the first few videos/tutorials, or at the very least an update about why/if it's behind schedule?

The kickstarter says September, your YouTube video on the topic, while a helpful 12 minute intro, says the same. Your website has no mention of this course, and neither does your Udemy page.

I'm sure you're just super busy getting this all together but... I'm just concerned this isn't happening anymore.

Assuming it is still happening, when will it be released? Will it be released to backers early?

Hope all is well,

From my experience, yes, this is happening. So far it has been announced that the course will begin on December, with the first videos. People with early access like in my case have access to the current builds, so I can at least guarantee you this is happening.

I'd recommend some patience, only less than 3 weeks more before it is released to public*

Meanwhile we can talk about code!

*I do not represent the author's final word.


Thanks for the question! It is happening for sure! Are you not getting access to the updates? If not send me an email and I'll attempt to remedy that so you aren't left in the dark. I've been updating (fairly) often on Kickstarter :)