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Demo download won't work under Win10-64

A topic by jbowersce created May 26, 2019 Views: 167 Replies: 5
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I downloaded the Win10 demo of PixelCNC prior to purchasing.  This appears to be a very early alpha build (v1.33a 64).   There is no install routine, and if one attempts to run the TRIAL exe directly, you are prohibited by the OS as an unknown publisher.  Attempting to run in sandbox mode crashes.  No docs were provided with the download, no README, no sample files, etc.

Any suggestions?

Looks like a neat program if it development can progress beyond early alpha, but it is not even testable at this point, at least on my system.

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Did you extract the files from the downloaded Zip file into their own folder on your system?

EDIT: Users can simply copy the PixelCNC folder that's contained in the downloaded Zip file to their desktop or other preferred destination, and create a shortcut to the included EXE file on their desktop by right-clicking the EXE file and selecting "Send to Desktop->Create Shortcut".

yes, to a directory named c:\pixelcnc'.


Can you provide more details as to the error messages you're seeing? Our test unzipping all of the included files in the free trial Zip file into C:\pixelcnc\ works on Windows 10 machines. The unknown publisher warning is standard for unsigned executables and should not be preventing you from running the program entirely unless something else is explicitly blocking unsigned software from running, such as User Account Control, Windows Defender, or something related.

Two alternative options are to either run PixelCNC as administrator and/or putting the PixelCNC folder somewhere else on your harddrive that is not accessible only by administrators, such as your Desktop, Documents, or user account folder. PixelCNC does not require administrator access for anything because it does not write to anywhere outside of the current user's files for writing a config file and log file but there have been reports of running as administrator being required just to get it to run, which is something that will be resolved when PixelCNC moves to the beta phase of development.

I would recommend against running any software as administrator if possible by moving the folder to another location that the current Windows user account has access to (i.e. the user account's folder), but this is not a surefire guarantee that it will prevent Windows 10 from requiring the program run as administrator.


Also, there is apparently a widespread issue with running programs in Windows 10 if you have associated a Microsoft Account with the current Windows user account, requiring that almost all programs be run as administrator just to get them to run.


Haven't heard from you for a few days, were you able to get PixelCNC up and running?