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Base Wars

A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game · By andy98725

Zircon map guide

A topic by DodoBirb created May 25, 2019 Views: 137 Replies: 6
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Zircon is generally regarded as the best competitive map in the game (and also one of the first). It has a lot of depth and provides interesting games almost every time. How has this map stood the test of time? What openings are there? What should I be looking to gain control of? It's time to answer all of those questions in the Zircon map guide.

First we need an overview of the map

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Zircon is a map with two lanes and a mid-point connecting them. The key contention points are marked with X's.

The Colours of the lines indicate who typically has an advantage in that lane, losing in your advantage lane is not great because your opponent will have an easier time controlling both lanes if that happens. Why are these lanes advantage lanes? In the bottom lane Red will have an advantage because they have 2 builders compared to Blue's one, similarly, on the top lane Blue has the advantage because they have a numbers advantage.

EDIT: Forgot to put it on the map but mid (the purple line) is also a key contention point since it allows you to transfer troops from your advantage side to your disadvantage side.

Now that you've got an overview of the map it's time to show some openings!

The first opening is the double mine/Tetr4 opening

This is the standard opening if you want to get a strong econ right off the bat.

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The key factor of this opening is moving the lone builder directly up (or down, as Blue). If you place this just right, then on turn 2 you can build a third on the Rich Resources which activates starting turn 4, giving you a solid Econ opening for the rest of the game. I'd suggest also using your extra resources to start another builder on whichever lane you'd like to exert pressure on.

The shorthand for the build looks like

2 mine 1

1 mine 1  builder 2

This is the core sequence. After this, I suggest something like

1 mine 3 (one south builder, moving other ones towards the open space)

1 barracks 1 academy 4 (this turn, your resources start at a healthy 180/+140, setting you up for a rich early game)

^^^ That's Tetr4 btw.

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here's the continuation Tetr4/andy98725 was talking about, as you can see, the builder from the Nexus is placed on the bottom lane since I want to maximise my pressure there.