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The Mighty Battle Between the Escaped Human and the MkIII Sword Bot

A topic by DomDropsBombs created Nov 12, 2016 Views: 329 Replies: 5
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"Analysis-Bot, what do you think of the upcoming battle?"

"My notes say that this bot has never been beaten before, and the human will likely die"

"I like those chances, they are nice"

"Super nice"

"Nice as ice"

"We should start a musical act muahaha"

The human flips out of the upgrade-bot's hand and backs up on to the elevator, which slowly rises and builds suspense of the human's final challenger. The human is equipped with a clone, jet pack boosters, and unbalancing techniques, and the Get-Up ability.

As the human reaches the top, the MkIII Sword Bot dashes swiftly into their direction with incredible speed. Releasing a horizontal slash, it catches the human off-guard, nearly killing them in one agile attack. The human, on their robotic toes parries the swipe though, and in a fantastic display, both the human and the MkIII Sword Bot parry each other's slashes perfectly, the sound of clanging and the flying sparks has the crowd on edge.

The human jumps and kicks his opponent, and jumps up to perform and overhead swing to finish off the bot, but the bot was ready and quickly rolls to the side and slices off the human's left arm. The human flinches, falling over. They roll backwards, and grip the sword with bone-crushing might.

The human jet packs forward and thrusts his sword in the bot's direction, but it parries the blow, and side swipes the human into scrap metal.

"In a shocking turn of events, the human has been diced into cubes, what's your take on this Comment-a-tron?"

"The human was weak to fall, but the have a clone, and it's currently in the Danger Zone."

The human's clone awakes, in a state of psychopathy and rage to the Sword Bot. The clone steps onto the elevator, which blasts upward with incredible speed. The bot stands there, and turns around to face the clone. Gripping it's sword in both hands, the Sword Bot readies itself for an attack of unimaginable power.

The human steps forward slowly, then picks up speed and slashes the bot continuously, but the bot dodges each slash, but can't get any of it's own in, as they were instantly parried. The bot was running low of energy and slowed down in speed. Using this to it's advantage, the clone gives a final barrage of strikes, and reduces the bot to flakes of metal. Then a mysterious form appears, telling the human to make a run for it when the garbage force field deactivates, and in a blaze of freedom, it follows the order.

The human escapes into the city, and the form tells to those in storage, if that we all work together, we can stop this madness.

(Special thanks to Doborog for making an incredible game to inspire me to make this story :D)


A beautiful story! :D



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weird. I don't feel like dead...

antes era dificil matarte pero con el martillo y un jetpack >=D

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