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Worlds: History Simulator

A world generator, and human history simulator · By DrTardigrade

0.3.3's Mini-Feature Poll

A topic by DrTardigrade created May 25, 2019 Views: 158
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Developer (1 edit)

With version 0.3.3 I'm going to include a new community feature called the Mini-Feature Poll. From now on, with every new version's public release I'm going to attempt to add a small-scale feature which is going to be voted on by everyone on the community from a more-or-less arbitrary set. The features shown on the poll do not necessarily have to be related to the theme of the release nor the overall theme of the milestone. Although they might be picked from a list of often requested features.

The vote mechanics are going to be similar to that of Milestone Polls, where patron votes are going to have more weight, depending on their contribution level, than the votes from the rest of the community (see the project's main page for a description of how votes are going to be counted). Remember: This is an open poll. So you don't need to be a patron to participate.

With that in mind, here's the list of mini-features that could potentially be added to 0.3.3:

- Drainage Basins and Rivers: In this feature I will try to add an implementation of drainage basins, which are the geological feature that gives rise to rivers and lakes. I'm going to try to keep the implementation simple for this release. I want to make sure terrain generation speed remains fast.

- Winds and Ocean Currents: In this feature I will update the simplistic air circulation model currently used so that the produced rainfall patterns appear more realistic. In addition to this I will try to also add oceanic currents which, in combination with winds, will have a huge effect on seafaring routes.

- Global Stat Graphs: This is a visualization feature that will allow you to generate and visualize graphs showing the evolution through time of some basic stats in your worlds like global population, technological development, etc.

Here's the link to the actual poll, Go ahead and vote!