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Desire Den

A scalie/furry swinger club simulator for PC with VR and Android versions included · By Frosted Brain

Desire Den PC/VR Update 1.03 Sticky

A topic by Frosted Brain created May 24, 2019 Views: 152
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- Corrected Chicken Rotation Bug

- Added Character Head Look

- Lighting And Color Changes

- New Character "Zeke The Wolf" (Interactions and playable wolf coming soon)

- Upstairs "Doggie Den" Now Open (WIP still, content coming soon)

- Player Threesome Scene Fixed

- Lucid/Nina Talk Anims Disabled Until The Next Update

-- Important VR Notes --

- Stairs to second floor may break at times causing player to fall through them to the first floor. This is being looked into.

- Steam VR is required for now, Oculus users may play with Steam VR open.

- Steam VR controllers are shown in game placed in the player's hands. An option to toggle controller rendering on/off and Oculus controller model coming soon.

Report any issues you may encounter
Suggestions are also welcome