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The fury of Bomberman with the strategic depth of an RTS · By Sandwich_Generation

Downloads for Mac?

A topic by Gamerafa73 created May 23, 2019 Views: 66 Replies: 3
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I am a Mac user, and I would love to have this game on my computer. Can you publish it for Mac, too? I would be pleased if give this option.



Soooo yes.. I am planning a Mac build. But I was gonna wait until the game is finished until I release it, so I dont have to support another build. I might just put up a mac build now cus u asked, if it got u playing and into our community... But I would not be able to test it, cus I have no mac to test on.. So there may be issues.. I have made Mac builds before for people, and they have been just fine though.

So, if u want I will make Mac build available on ... But it will be unsupported until I'm actually ready to support it so if it has weird issues u will just have to wait. What do u think?


Ok! If you want, I can be your tester ;)


@gamerafa73  So I got the artist to do a quick test on his Mac, and it seems my backend service 'Gamesparks' cannot connect from it.. If you want you could help me troubleshoot this, head over to the Discord