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An Adventurer's Tale

Accept quests, explore mysterious lands, fight enemies, and win the hearts of fair maidens in this VN/RPG hybrid. · By Top Hat Studios, Inc.


A topic by paul88 created May 22, 2019 Views: 1,812 Replies: 3
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how do I use the patch?


Hi there,

What system are you on?

If you are on Linux or Windows, combine the /game/ folder in the patch file with the /game/ folder in the main game download. If you're on OSX, open the app file (not open the game, open the .app folder) and merge the folders there.

Please note we are uploading a new patch which fixes tons of bugs within the next few hours to bring it up to date with tomorrow's Steam release.

window's 10 also theres a few script error I found in the forest area I think said were script errors


Check the latest version, all known crashes and such have been patched.