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[Music] Professional Composer Looking for Projects

A topic by Solo Acapello created Nov 08, 2016 Views: 224
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Hello, world! I'll cut straight to the chase:

For paid projects:

What I'm looking for:
1. For profit share, you need to be very well organized. Kickstarter is not guaranteed money. If your group is counting on crowdfunding for pay, feel free to message me, but please include as much information as possible!
2. For track-by-track, I try to work within a project's budget, but I will draw a line at a minimum price of $40.00 per track (averaging around 3-4 minutes). Forshorter tracks, we can work out a lower price, such as $25 for 1-2 minutes. Also, those of you who I'm already working with don't have to worry, I won't change my rates if I'm already on a team!

My work:

Where I'm strongest (Where I get to brag)
1. Orchestral music. I'm a classical oboist mainly and have been playing in orchestras all of my life. I have also played flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, cello, and piano with orchestral ensembles at the college level or higher.
2. Jazz. I worked as a saxophone player for a cruise line, doubling on flute and clarinet. I have also played many paying gigs with big bands and combos.
3. Electronic music. While it may not be my main focus, I have a fair amount of experience with it and I am confident with what I can do.

Somewhere in the middle (What I'm working on)
1. Vocal music. If you want something with vocals, I can get my good friends Rose or Savannah to record. We just finished recording our first collaboration, Shatter. It's listed under examples below if you would like to listen to it. If you want vocal music, the deadlines will be longer and the charge will be higher, probably around $80-100, but we can talk it over.

Where I'm weakest (Just so you know)
1. Hard rock. MIDI electric guitars can only go so far. While I can write anything rock-wise, my guitar skills leave a lot to be desired, so I will say that this is probably my weakest point.

My Soundcloud
These are mostly up to date and contain most of my soundtrack work. There are some songs that are not on there from my most recent projects. Feel free to ask to see them!

Specific examples
Something jazzy: Fine By Me
Something emotional: Universal Depression
Something adventurous: Witch's Waltz
Something quiet: Deliberation
Something overwhelming: Enigma
Something warm: A Frail Hope
Something OBJECTION!: Towards the Truth
Something nostalgic: Memories
Something intense: Invocation
Something smoky: Come Rain or Moonshine
Something reflective: Stumbling Block
Something vocal: Shatter

About me
Wait, somebody's reading this part? Quick, I need to brag! Uh, here we go, 3 quick things. I've:
Graduated with my Master's in music composition with honors.
Played with professional orchestras, jazz bands, jazz combos, dixieland bands, and chamber ensembles in Texas and the Midwest U.S.
Had professional symphonies perform pieces and string quartets that I have written.

Thank you for sitting through that wall of text! Feel free to contact me at or send me a Skype request (SoloAcapello) saying you're from this site.

Basic Information:
Turnaround time: As fast as you need me to be, even within 1-2 hours if necessary.
Price: $40 for a 3-4 minute track with looping and revisions. $25 for 1-2 minutes. Profit share also works.
Contact: or Skype (SoloAcapello)

Cheers! I look forward to working with you!