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EarthSoul (Released)

A topic by Minded Act created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 123
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EarthSoul is a 3D Strategy Game ruled by Dice numbers where by 2 players try to control a maximum number of countries.Each player represents a Soul's Entity : Dharma (Soul of Earth) and Darma (Human Soul)

Each player has to Dharmatize/Karmatize* a maximum number of countries, including those owned by the other Entity.You can Dharmatize/Karmatize every country you want in a 3 different levels of Soul.

The more you rise in levels of Soul, the more difficult it will be for the other Entity to take it!

When you want to Dharmatize/Karmatize a country owned by the other Entity, it is the Entity attains the highest result that wins or keeps the country.

The first Entiy to lose all its countries, loses the game.


  • Beautiful 3D Modeled Earth
  • Play with more than 150 countries!
  • Old school mechanism
  • Local multiplayer (1vs1)
  • Pass and Play

You can grab it here!