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Vagabond (MOVED)

Hitchhike your way to fame, fortune, and success...if you make it on time. · By Cocoboko Studios, davidwesst

0.3.x Feedback Thread

A topic by Cocoboko Studios created 95 days ago Views: 34 Replies: 2
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Hey friendos!

Vagabond 0.3.0 has dropped and is available for your testing leisure! Please share your feedback here, including any steps required for reproduction of issues.

Release notes can be found on the Devlog


Movement feels great, dialogue feels snappy, and I may have obsessively interacted with the garbage bag/can thing looking for a pattern or loop.

- 1. I couldn't figure out how to exit the game without alt+tabbing out and closing the window. The Esc button didn't seem to do anything.

- 2. Interacting with the box felt off. If I spacebar clicked through, it would automatically open the box. Mouseover the options indicated that they could be interacted with, but clicking an option didn't seem to do anything until I hit spacebar again. The option I clicked on with the mouse would dictate the response I got when I pressed the spacebar again. There didn't seem to be any way to tab or arrow through the dialogue options, and there didn't seem to be a way to cancel dialogue. I actually didn't figure out how to spacebar through the box dialogue the first time and ended up alt+tabbing and closing the window before restarting.

-3. It might be helpful to include a list of the controls and their function (or a controller & keyboard graphic) somewhere in the start, just so that we know how we are supposed to be able to interact with the game.


Sorry I didn't see and reply to this sooner! That's great feedback. Things are starting to come around here and a new release is just around the corner. 

Definitely pointed out some issues that need to be addressed. Like the controls, and a "quit" button. Same goes for the box interaction. The "selected" style definitely needs to be more focused.

I've added a few bugs to the remainder of this sprint, and you can see them here if your'e so inclined.