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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Slaves both consenting and resisting

A topic by Leonais created 66 days ago Views: 339 Replies: 2
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It is possible to take a low obedience and high grade slave and meet with them, gain consent for sex, but the slave is still resisting sex in immediately ensuing sex sequence. Subdue will continue the sex action with mental stat losses. Stopping sex will leave the slave on low obedience with no further interactions possible that day. It's just a bad result for the player with no warning it can happen.

I'm guessing this is due to line 620 in which only checks obedience when determining resistance. I am not at all familiar with the sex coding so I can't offer any solutions.

Any players wanting a workaround for the problem : presumably meet with these slaves once to raise their obedience then meet them again to get sexual consent.

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The goal of the code seems unclear. It may have been to have been to prevent the player from having their way way with a slave simply by gaining consent, or simply be an oversight. Sex is messy right now. Currently, obedience is needed to get a slave to willingly participate and consent effects how much the slave enjoys the actions. If you want consent to stop resistance, simply add "person.consent == false && " after the "if" on line 620. But please note that the availability of some actions depends on obedience.
To know what sort of fix would be best, it would help to know how you would like it to work.
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I haven't really got any goal here apart from not bimbofying Zoe or Ayneris after they've consented to sex (or sticking them in jail as their obedience low.)

That consent fix seems promising. Thematically, the master should be able to seduce the girls with potions and stuff even if they are not obedient (yet). Ideally though, girls who have consented on a previous occassion should be able to resist on future occassions in bad circumstances, but it should still be consistent between the sex+meet interactions and there are other factors like lust that should be taken into account. Too complex to just tamper with.