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Global Hotkeys Don't Work?

A topic by Boshi5k created Nov 06, 2016 Views: 644 Replies: 5
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I can't seem to get global hotkeys to work or stay saved for the OS X version of Time Split Tracker. A split timer isn't very useful if you have to click off on the game back onto the timer every time you have to make a split. Are they still not implemented? Is there or will there be a fix for this? Thanks!


They are not implemented. It is on the top of my to do list, I just have not gotten to it.

(The reason mostly being that I don't play PC games, so having the timer on top is just the natural way of play for me.)

But rest assured that they are planned. It's just a matter of finding the time.

@Eric Awesome! Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to it

Hi, have the hotkeys been implemented? I managed to have the split hotkey working, but I have to go back in the app to use the reset key.
Good work on that app! :)

As far as I know, no work has been done on the Mac version for some time, and I haven't heard from Eric for some time.

for some reason you cant change the keys which sucks because i need to press space but that is the load hot key