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Some ideas for saving

A topic by Bela created May 11, 2019 Views: 50
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Hey, just want to say that I use this tool for everything - including non-unity animations. its just the perfect tool and I use it for terrain textures, UI,  Particles, everything (except 3D  i guess). Since 2018, there's been an issue where you can't save converted sprite sheets unless you create a second Assets file. I've done this and I can live with it, but it got me thinking  - why not make two public save paths in the preferences: one for saved doodle studio assets and the other for saved sprite textures? This would be great even without the double asset folder bug, since I'd like to be able to export converted doodle studio sprites to my own sprite folder  separate from their base doodle studio assets anyway. It would also be great to have each exported frame use the same name as the parent sprite, but again I can live with manually renaming them in Unity's sprite editor for now. Keep it up, I want to use this tool on my tombstone one day.