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​How important is rhythm guitar in a rock band make up?

A topic by SophiaL created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 193
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I sure don't want to start a range war by this thread,:no: but have always wondered how necessary it is in having a rhythm guitar along with the bass, lead and drums.

I know that there's lots of groups both now and in the past who made it to the top with the three man arrangement, but personally, I've always felt that there was something missing. That more fuller with more depth sound. In some cases, if the lead wasn't really capable in being able to capture those difficult riffs, the back up player could fill in the holes or provide a cover. latest ringtones

So, was wondering if any players have preferred the three man combo, as the four adds more complexity to the playing.

I thought it best to use THIS forum as actual people who have performed with either set up would give a more reliable/valid asssessment of what I've asked. But chime in, even if you have not been a player, but also share if you are/have been one, eh?


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