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A game about memes, streams and everything Twitch! · By BizioBizio

Bug reports & feedback Sticky

A topic by BizioBizio created May 04, 2019 Views: 296 Replies: 7
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Developer (4 edits)

If you are posting a bug follow these steps:

  1. What exactly bugged and where it happened
  2. Check for the red errors and post them here (click on them and post what's below, in call stack)
  3. Describe how to reproduce the bug

Try to keep everything as descriptive as possible.

If it's general feedback write what you please.


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Running game in windowed mode prevents from skipping the dialogue, load shows error in the debug attached

Bizio: Weird, for me everything works fine in windowed mode, I'll look into it.

you can skip the dialog with the F key

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I'll try to edit this post to include bugs I've encountered and features I think should be changed/added/removed

Bugs/Glitches etc'

* In the starting zone when you first enter the map it seems to slightley lag.

* Dialogues have a lot of typos or bad grammar, not gonna give a single example because you can see it in pretty much every conversation.

* Selling items is hard because you have to drag them to an empty space in the NPC inventory. Would make it easier if you could drag it over a place where there's an item for sell or if you could right click the item in your inventory to sell it.

Proposed changes

* Sleeping/Saving takes a little too long 

* Spearmans are very strong, especially when paired with normal sonics - I think the best way to handle this is slow their rate of fire and/or make the spear smaller so it is easier to dodge without having to roll.

* Add difficulty levels - mainly changes such as taking less/more damage but it would also be nice if on hard level saving would cost bits and on the easier level saving doesn't respawn enemies etc'.

Bizio: Saving should not take more than 1 second, but I hear people have problem with it being even 5 seconds, I'm looking into it

In the main menu you're able to click the "New Game" and "Continue" buttons multiple times so that you get stuck in an infinte loading screen.

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PagChomp AAA lidl game

Feedback (im at the exit of the cave rn)

* It took me some keybard mashing to find the right key a the start of the game so add something like "press F to proceed"

* combat is nice, hard but fair. I dont like that all enemies have invisible spikes on them so you take damage just for touching them, you can use this mechanic but on enemies that it makes sense not all. Enemies should deal damage only with attacks.

*Safe zones around characters, and cave exit are too small. Create a bigger area free of enemies around these spots.

*Picked up items should stay in your inventory after death just like in dark souls.

*add fast travel between save points

*add save point at cave exit or sign with directions (maybe im just frustrated after dying  5 times after leaving the cave)

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With the power of Lidl and Twitch Prime, I have achieved near immortality. <- Bizio: Fixed

HP that was gained this way gets removed when you exit the game.

   The game is great so far :) But I have a few complaints:

  1. Ranged enemies are cancer. Both Spearmen and Spitters are too fast for you to catch up to them without rolling. Also, I feel like Spitters should be less random, sometimes there is no way to dodge their attacks.

   2. Safe zones near NPCs are too small (do they even exist?). I sometimes get attacked while still in after-save dialogue.

   3. Drops from crates seem a little too rare. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

   4. A zoomed-out view of the area would be nice so you could see where you didn't explore yet and where to go next.

   5. There is no clear visual difference between RedSonics that roll at you directly and ones that do a circular roll.

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When you drag an item over antoher item in equipment you recieve the bonus of the item that is moved an additional time, meaning you can have almost unlimited hp/stamina. <- Bizio: Fixed.

Also if you move an item out of the inventory and hold it outside it sometimes drops, sometimes disappears and sometimes goes back to the inventory