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A game about memes, streams and everything Twitch! · By BizioBizio

Information & FAQ Sticky

A topic by BizioBizio created May 04, 2019 Views: 204 Replies: 1
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Developer (15 edits)

Hello! It's me, Bizio, and the demo is here! I've been working really hard for the last couple of months and finally have something playable. I think the game is slowly comming together well as I fully combined all the things I implemented for it: fight mechanics, inventory, dialog-cutscene system and many more. This is really big step for me in development process! I learned quite a lot while doing so and it's definitely going to speed up the pace at which I do things from now on. 

About the demo

Demo consists of first level of the game. Whole area serves a role of a tutorial - it's supposed to introduce new player to the mechanics and difficulties of the game. As Frog&Bajs is designed to be souls-like - it's gonna be a major challenge for me to get the balance just right. Me together with my testers (whom I'm really grateful for their help) already did a lot of internal testing and realized how hard it is to make the game fun, especially with genre of games that are supposed to be fun-hard, not frustraiting hard. It is really important to get everything right in this demo as it will be my reference for later work which is making and balancing rest of the levels. I want to avoid situations in which I'll be forced to redo something in the entire  game just because it turns out to be unbalanced or just bad.

So now, it's your turn to try out the game and tell me how you feel about it. Any kind of feedback is needed and appreciated. I'll see you on the forum. 


How much am I done with the game so far?

The demo consists of almost everything I made so far, so it's pretty much one level. But now that I have experience and know the tools - adding more content and creating new things is gonna be a lot faster and easier.

What is the current state of development?

As getting technical things (like code structure, creation tools etc.) working first is the most crucial point of any game development I can confidently say that I'm 90% done with that part. Plus I made the whole level!... to see those things in action. ;) After that it's just adding new content - enemies, items, areas and so on.

When will it be released?

I just don't know. Originally I planed to finish it by the end of 2019, but now seeing the amount of work required I just cannot tell anymore. It will definitely be heavily related to how much support I get from you! I'd really like to fully focus on making this game.

I like this game and want to support it. How do I do it?

You can donate on game page before you download or if you prefer - directly to my Paypal at

Will this even be finished tho? xDDxddd


How much will it cost?

Nothing, It will be release for free, as it's a parody game using copyrighted things.

Spoilers in the demo?

It's introduction/tutorial level, I kept it free from any major characters and plot points. You are good to go! ;)

How long will the game be?

I plan on making 6 levels in total so it's whatever is in the demo times six. Avarage game time of the demo is 2-3 hours so the whole game should approximately take 15 hours to complete. I might try to reduce it if that feels too long for a meme game.

I would like to thanks Danill, Chrono, RudG,  Anatrus, Kris and Cookin  for all the support and help with the game. They are beautiful bajs! 

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Much love

Loved your game! 

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