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Spidertron 4000 appearance?

A topic by Math0424 created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 385 Replies: 10
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I saw a dialogue of the announcer saying something about spidetron 4000? will he ever appear (like as a Easter egg)? :)

When did you hear that? I only heard 5000 or 6000?

during endless mode

Are you sure you didnt hear 5000 or 6000? because i never heard this before nor did i hear anyone talking about it.

positive :P

it went Something like "Do you remember sidertron 4000?" other robot "Yes ha!"

Wow, thats a really rare quote then!

Perhaps in a flashback or something.

The fact that 4000 is a thing is now canon, but who knows if it will appear. :

yea I got the spider-tron 4000 thing too

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Maybe you could make a level in story mode where the human falls into a garbage chute where discarded parts of spidertron 4000 are lying and they combine to form a MIGHTY BOSS OF MIXED SPIDERTRON 4000 PARTS. It would be soooooooo epic

or like one crawls out and if you kill it the boss shows up

heh spidertron 4000 would be so easy because those annoucer laughed at him