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Windows Defender removing app (RESOLVED!)

A topic by Math0424 created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 996 Replies: 44
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Just an FYI windows defender updated and now it thinks that clone drone is malware. i don't know how it detects it but it is (Just a heads up) Win 10

I dont think they can change it. Its probably a fuck up by windows defender

Oh dear. That's no good. Thanks for letting me know!

Any chance you could try installing the game via the itch.io app? I'm curious if it gives you the same result.

kk lemme try

nope does not work it still removes the app

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I am having the same problem. Win defender thinks it is a Trojan

I'm looking into it. Seems like this particular Trojan shows up as a false positive a lot.


I'm 98% sure that there is in fact no Trojan embedded in the game, but it could be that Russian pirates have created a version of the game that DOES contain a Trojan, and that has it confused about the legitimate version.

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" Russian pirates " Lol

Also just looked up how to get clone drone 4 free and found this... http://igg-games.com/?s=clone+drone+in+the+danger+...

I think its a trojan

Damn always the russian pirates :/

Well, i can say its not a trojan since my friend told me about this game via that website xP

what about the pirates of the Caribbean! I always thought Jack Sparrow was a little suspicious...

'' Math042412 days ago (Edited 1 time)

" Russian pirates " Lol

Also just looked up how to get clone drone 4 free and found this... http://igg-games.com/?s=clone+drone+in+the+danger+...

I think its a trojan '' I SOMETIMES USE IGG ITS NOT TROJAN

oops caps

Could someone paste the full error report? I don't have Windows 10 (getting it asap to verify this).

I dont have windows 10 either, i can confirm its not doing this on win 7 tho!

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Category: Trojan

Description: This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

Recommended action: Remove this software immediately.


file:C:\Users\User_1\Desktop\clone drone in the danger zone\Clone Drone in the Danger Zone.exe

Get more information about this item online.

best i can do

Thanks! That's great.


Update: I've submitted an error report to Windows Defender about this, and will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

I'm also running out the door to buy a computer with Windows 10 on it, to make sure I can reproduce what's happening.

Wow thats alot of dedication just to fix a bug! I applaud you sir

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me too so much effort just to fix one bug

http://prntscr.com/d1gviq that picture is what it is saying I tried to download the game three times

Found out how to fix the bug go to your windows defender go to all detected items press view details then you will see the clone drone in the danger zone as a trojan and press allow and you can play the game after you extract it from a the zip folder hope this helps

Thanks! This would be the recommended fix for now.
I would not recommend turning Windows Defender off.

well thank god it wasn't real.

is clone drone the trojan:win32/maltule/C!cl?

what the what it just magicly started working!?

yeah, here too.


So I did a little bit more research.

I've reached out over the official developer channel, but you guys can help by submitting a report here and uploading the game:

Update: I'm in the process of obtaining a proper signing certificate that should help identify that the game is from a trusted source, and has not been tampered with by a dodgy hacker.

The next version of the game will hopefully not have this problem, and should be released towards the start of next week.

well i cant play right now my game is all bugged out now it doesent even start up u know the title screen?

well i only have the title screen and no options lituraly ONLY the title screen

not even invisble buttons there just gone

hmmm, try reinstalling it. Some files might have gotten removed by Windows Defender.

i deleted it and reinstalled it fully worked again gladly hopefully this would be fixed soon

windows defender probably just thinks that clone drone in the danger zone is too awesome to be released to public :)

People with this problem, does it magically work now? Did Windows Defender come to its senses?


yes!!!! it's fixed!!!!!!!!!


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no longer detects malware when I extract!!!

sorry if I seem overly excited... :)

why was this a problem anyway? how was it fixed?

It was fixed because we have an awesome dev who knows how to solve the problems

true that

It seems to be fixed! Hurray!

The next version of the game will be officially signed by Doborog LLC, now $500 poorer, but holder of a trusted signing certificate.
We are now a professional grown up company that can be trusted! :)

For people wondering why this happened: I have no idea. The best theory I have is that one of the pirated versions installed the Trojan and that the game as a whole got classified as dangerous when the infected version was caught on someone's computer.
Because the game was not certified, it was impossible to tell the difference between the modified version and the official one. That's my theory, but who knows.

Contacting the Windows Defender team seems to have made them update their definitions, so thanks to everyone who did that!



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New update and it got fixed! SCORE!!!!!!!! well it hasn't gone out yet but still YAY! Doborog i hope more games like this come out. I would say that you are a very good developer! Three cheers to dorobog games! wait... derp.

I hope you have the make more god games like this upgrade! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAha...ha..ha where did my life go so wrong?