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What is your ALL TIME favorite tactical or strategy game?

A topic by Aletheia Game Studio created 293 days ago Views: 128 Replies: 4
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The reason that Sentinels of Eshall is being developed is because the lead developer (Clint, IE me) loves strategy and tactical games. I I have been playing them since the early 90's. I used to rush home from school hop on the IBM i486 and explore for magical nodes in Master of Magic, create a galaxy spanning empires in Master of Orion, or repeatedly click on a orc to make him say funny things in Warcraft I. However my ALL TIME favorite strategy / Tactical game is X-Com: UFO defense (or UFO : Enemy Unknown for my European friends). Now I'm not talking about the new games that have come out in the recent years, which I do love, I'm talking about the Microprose 1994 game. I still play it through once or twice a year. That game has inspired me to create strategy/tactical games and It will always hold a dear spot in my heart.

So what is your favorite strategy game new or old?


Gotta say Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past


I really liked X-Com Terror from the deep also. Spent many hours when I should have been studying in college playing that game!

TFTD was great, but the early, un-patched version was impossible to beat. The 2-part missions were really hard.


I remember the cruise ship missions being really tough. I did beat it so I guess I had the patched version? The moment where I did mind control on my first lobster man was so awesome :)