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Rusted Rails

You play as Parker James, a man looking for his daughter when she goes missing after her subway train derails. · By NuclearSyncGames

Happy Halloween & New Update Details

A topic by NuclearSyncGames created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 111
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Developer (1 edit)

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween!! I'm excited to announce a few new things coming to the very next demo update.

  1. Actual Flashlight with on/off capability
  2. More dialog from Emily and Parker
  3. More story explanation through events, dialog and items/notes
  4. Spirit/Demon/Shadow Person embodiment with enemy AI similar to Weeping Angels
  5. More soundtrack development
  6. Light/Flashlight bob while walking
  7. More fully animated models
  8. Physics added to floating chairs and some other objects
  9. Character Progression (I want you to relate to the characters)
  10. Better voice acting
  11. Puzzles
  12. TASTEFUL jumpscares
  13. Either a battery system for the flashlight or it flickers off on occasion and needs to be turned back on (opportunity for some descent scares cx)