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Water starters

A topic by dgriffi2 created Oct 29, 2016 Views: 415 Replies: 4
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I can't seem to find Oshawott at all at the Runko Harbor. I have been surfing and fishing with both rods and haven't come across one at all. Am I just having shit luck or is something wrong? Also, is there any way to get Squirtle if you chose Charmander as your starter?

It was likely removed, but in one of the previous versions of the game, in the cave while you're chasing Professor Oak and killing all of those people, it was possible to encounter starter pokemon such as Charmander. Believe I saw a Pikachu once too... But again, that was in a previous version, where the second post game chapter was the end of the game.

I can't find one either. I gave up and just caught other Pokemon instead. And there is a way to get Squirtle as well as Bulbasaur if you choose Charmander.


Once Professor Oak has left his lab, you can steal Bulbasaur's Pokeball from the table it was left on. As for Squirtle, you need to defeat your final opponent in the Final Dungeon's third floor.

Good to know. Also, not really much of a spoiler, as you didn't tell us what pokemon the opponent uses or who they are, or any of that stuff.


Pretty sure there's no Pokémon in the Runko Harbor at all.