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​Why do some great bands make it and some don't?

A topic by SophiaL created Oct 28, 2016 Views: 117
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Within my relatives/friends, I've seen some come close to making it big time in the music world, only to get so far then fall off the charts so to speak.

They had pretty good playing abilities and gelled together fairly well. They won some contests, and even a $100k recording contract...yet both of these groups made it only so far only left to waste away into obscuruty

They did the tour some great promotion from local DJ's, did the usual bar scene but to no avail.

They all had high hopes, were highly motivated, had countless interviews, but never got off the ground in the "big way".

I thought one group was too narrow in their target audience because of their type of genre, but the other was mainstream and should have made it...but they didn't.

Any discussion would help me understand just what went wrong and why they failed to make the scene. I think they don't even know why not.


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