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City building simulator inside your computer (literally). · By Beardy Bard

Science for win !

A topic by Jean-Marc Studio | JMS created Apr 24, 2019 Views: 217
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I really enjoyed playing your games, the last puzzles were very good, not too easy but not impossible neither. It gives me lot of stress waiting new pop to save my buildings, that 8 seconds waiting were the longest ever in my life ^^ !

The graphics and the feedbacks were very good, well done !

I would just suggest you some little things:

- the first levels for me were unclear, I clicked and won, but didn't get why ^^ So maybe guide a bit more the players to understand in depth your game. And I bugged when suddenly all buildings were available when before i could place only one or two ^^

- Sometimes when i want to pause the game, I added unwillingly pop to somewhere useless..

- Is the seconds really seconds ? I felt sometimes that i waited new pop for minutes ^^ I was pausing a lot, so maybe that's why but still. And same about maintenance, it looked like all maintenance and pop were happening same time, and got synchronous strangely, making it be late a lot.

But in anyway, congratulations, it was very good puzzle game :)