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Worlds: History Simulator

A world generator, and human history simulator · By DrTardigrade

Readme file/Controls explanation/General appreciation

A topic by ninthparallel created Apr 23, 2019 Views: 159 Replies: 6
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Hey there Dr. Tardigrade! Just wanted to preface this all with so much love and appreciation for this program. This is probably one of the best tools for me to come up with interesting continents and borders, something I've been looking for for years now. Thank you so much for building this. I had only a couple of concerns but I realize the program is in its early stages so they are really no big deal. There are just some ambiguities in workflow which I have not figured out and it would be great if the next release could get a documentation of the controls and options. How do we deselect a tile/territory? Is there a way to see global statistics rather than just per tile or territory? I'm also unsure as to what the distinction between a "polity" and "tribe" is if there is one at all. My world only has "tribes", unless I'm not making proper use of the filters.

Also if we could change the resolution of the interface, that would be greatly appreciated. My monitor is quite small but has a very high resolution so it makes it hard to see and read the controls.

My apologies if this is a bother, I have so much love for concepts like this and it makes me so happy to see something like this exist now. Thank you so much for your work.


Hi! Thanks for the compliments!

First of all, sorry for not having proper documentation. I rushed this release a little bit and forgot to finish up the docs. I have a very old guide here but I doubt you'll find it very useful. I'm going to try to answer your other questions here.

A polity, within the game, is a political entity with some sort of territory (ie. nation, state, etc). A tribe is the earliest form of polity that can appear within the simulation. Right now there are only tribes implemented in the game, but I'm working on adding Chiefdoms and Kingdoms (they are schedule to be in before I release 0.4). Each polity type will have it's own form of government and will have to confront different kinds of situations. 

I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "deselect" a territory, but you can always highlight different tribes/polities/regions just by clicking on them. If on the other hand you have chosen to "Set Focus" on a tribe, a button will appear on the top right corner allowing you to unfocus it.

There are no global statistics unfortunately. Only specific data per group (tile) and per polity (depending on the active overlay). I'll try to add some form of global statistics in a future release. Also, there are no polity filters, but now that you mentioned it, it might be a good idea to add some sort of entity filters.

Regarding the resolution, there are two display modes at least, windowed and fullscreen. If the windowed resolution doesn't work try enabling fullscreen resolution (Ctrl-F) and set if that helps. Nevertheless I will try to add other resolution modes or at least a way to increase font sizes. This might take a while though since it will require some work to get it right. Also, it would help if you could attach a screenshot so that I can see what you are dealing with.

By the way, this is not a bother. I'm happy to help and read all your opinions and suggestions. Keep them coming!

Thank you so much for the in-depth answer, it is greatly appreciated. You're so awesome for the close interaction with the growing community you're building around this game. I'll be sure to read through these docs just to learn anything I can in order to make my personal usage more fluent, so thank you for providing the link! Also I think you answered my question regarding "deselect"ing stuff. I thought that there were hidden global statistics tucked away somewhere if I could manage to have nothing selected on the map. I know that we can switch selections to tiles/territories by just clicking around, but my main question was whether or not we could have nothing selected and unlock some sort of global stats visual. This cleared up pretty much all of the questions I had so far - thank you so much for the great work.

Also just one more suggestion - would we be able to have the option to invert the heightmap of a generated world? It would help in getting more varied shapes out of the same seed!

I've attached some screenshots regarding my resolution issues. Thank you for looking into it!

Also I just thought of a couple of more suggestions -

  • Timeline history in order to see how the societies' borders evolve and change over time
  • A way to change the colors of a country (as sometimes the colors randomly end up being identical to adjacent polities/tribes)
  • For the global stats section, a fun little data point showing which country is the most populous of them all! And if economies are greatly introduced, then a way to tell which one is the strongest economically.

Thanks so much again!! Sorry for the triple post. I'll try to consolidate all of these next time, the image glitched out earlier so it needed a separate response and I forgot to include these ideas in the initial post.


I like your suggestion of showing global statistics when nothing is selected. I'm going to see if I can implement it for 0.3.3 since it wouldn't be that hard to do.

Regarding inverting heighmaps: That's another great one! Though I would not implement it just like that. What I'm thinking is that I could add a function just to import a straight grayscale heightmap. Then it would be up to you to invert it with a paint application. It should be easy to do I guess.

Regarding the screenshots: Oh wow! I'm using an old gaming laptop to code the game and I don't think I can reach such high resolutions. But be sure I'll try to come up with a something to show bigger fonts and dialogs on high resolutions.

Regarding you other suggestions:

  • Timelines are tricky. I would need to find a way to take "snapshots" of the state of the world at different points without using too much memory or disk space. It would be a big feature on itself. But it is something I have thought about. I'm a fan of timeline animations myself and I would love to implement them in-game.
  • Changing polity colors: I will keep it in mind. Though it is a very minor feature so it would have to wait for a little bit.
  • What you are suggesting regarding population rankings is something akin to a ledger. It is a good idea but is also a big feature (if it's going to work correctly). It will have to wait for a couple more releases.

Thanks for your suggestions!


Hello ninth,

I just released a hot-fix update (version which adds a new settings that will allow you to rescale the UI. Could you please give it a try and see if things look better now on your screen? You'll need to enable both the fullscreen and UI scale options on the settings dialog for the changes to apply.

Hope this improves your experience!