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Robot Names

A topic by SharpKix created Oct 22, 2016 Views: 5,845 Replies: 97
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this isn't a name, but is something along the lines of robot engineer as a profession in the game yet? if not, I think it would make cool easter egg eventually, something like an exclusive line or two, or maybe a special color, nothing major :)

yeh dats a gud idea

yeah, that could be fun.

Eduardo Passos (bazilian name) plssss!

Lawyer! :P

Deleted post

Add "Albert Lai" Occupation: Voice actor


And add "Gabe Newell" Occupation: Company director

just me gabe newell


Add "Hugh Mungus" Occupation: What?



Just got the game 2 days ago! Holy Damn playing it nonstop. O.O Anywho. Beaten Story Mode a couple of times and have reached level 16 of Endless Mode. Can't believe I actually beat a Titanium level. Mind if I request my Name? It's Tyler Toner.

Just reached Level 17 of Titanium today.... As an update. XD

controlling a human, I reached level 21

My lord this was so long ago. My new score is 110.

Robert Maura

Hey I'd love to get my name in even though it's Polish: Przemyslaw. If that's not English enough then my middle name is Anton but I'm guessing it's already in there.

Could you add Mike as a first name unless its already in, and could you add McCormick as a last name? P.S you should add Doborog as sorta like a secret, idk maybe it would be a good easteregg, also do the names get put into the game during a new update or does it happen instantly when you put the names in?

Em... I was never seen robot named Mark. It's normal? Or it's very rare name?

there are a lot of names in the game, so each one is rare to get


no, seriously.


no, seriously.

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Could you add Nunivyer Business? Or Lady Affable.

Come to think of it, any titles would be cool....

Could I politely request you add the name Blitz (and make the colour Pink) age about 30 and job "Engineer"? Also may I politely ask if you could add Twitch (my nickname back when I attended school) and make the colour purple?

Once again thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you very very much for the amazing game! (I have 300 hours clocked in on it)

Last name: T

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poned mi nombre xD

Before next update I'll go through this thread and add all the names since the last time I said I would!

Ran out of time for the last update but will get on it for the Steam launch. :)

First name: That Last name: Human

First Name: "Pea"

Last Name: "Sherman"

Occupation: Wallaby Way Sydney Worker

First Name:Lucien,Chad,Jason,Bulela,Jesse.

Last Name:De jager,Bruce,Schwartz,Cawe,Cuinn.

Thats all

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