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Market Research Advise

A topic by Gideon the Bard created 94 days ago Views: 112 Replies: 2
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Hey everyone. I've made a few games before, but never with marketing in mind. Before I make my next game I want to find out what genres are doing well, or might be small but have a large potential audience. Does anyone have advice, or good ressources for learning market research? Also, does release statistics on their games to help me out?

Thanks for the help!


For releasing a premium game, I don't think that trying to follow genre trends is the right approach. You're going to have to build a fun game, then find a way to get it in front of the right audience.

As for free games, horror and jumpscare games are still very popular among streamers. One approach could be to make one of these games to build up an audience for your premium game. 

Regarding the data we release, we don't prepare anything special but you can check the top sellers and top tags pages.

Hope that helps!

It does indeed, thank you!