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The Sacred Stone

RPG style game meets Devil May Cry · By gamerdude

OMG <3

A topic by DaedalusMachina created Apr 16, 2019 Views: 162 Replies: 9
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I love this so much; it is goofy and silly and low-budget and janky animations but SOOOO much <3
The trailers alone are pure glorious entertainment.  Awesome!  ^_^

That said, it may be in your best interest to remove the dropbox link and put it inside a text file or something that comes with the purchase ;)

Also might be useful to put a password on the file if you haven't already done so.  Honestly I'd recommend re-compressing the files in 7-zip format instead of RAR format.  RAR is proprietary/patent trash and it doesn't even compress as well as 7-zip does.

Here's a quick image of the settings I use for 7-zip.  You can search '7-zip portable' and grab it from portableapps if you don't want to install it.

I wish you the best of luck with your game and hope you make lots of sales/money to make a sequel!  ^_^

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You know it has been 2+ hours now since I revelaed that you inadvertently put the entire download/dropbox direct-link for your game that you're supposed to be selling.  You haven't even seen or responded to my comment yet on the day that you're releasing and selling the game.  What are you doing?

What kind of dev would do a game release and not be checking all the social media and website and comments and everything?
I know about timezones and all that; time the release during the start of your (work) day so that you can monitor all the things and be able to respond quickly to things like this.


It doesn't bother me at all; just kinda makes me chuckle.
I still hope a few kind souls actually bother to pay for the game instead of d/ling it for free.

It isn't 'piracy' if you fucked up ;)


Yes we were fully aware of the link being on the page. To answer some other questions and concerns, this was not opening launch day by any means. This is more of a beta marketing strategy that we have set up to learn more from this website. Appreciate all the feedback!

I'm glad to see that the link was finally taken care of.  It may be worthwhile to just ask itch about hosting the download and provide the purchaser with an download key that they can claim to their account (I believe these are generated and provided automatically to those who buy via


I like that solution thanks for the help. Will be emailing right now!


I removed the upload limit on your account. (Also notified you of email). We highly recommend uploading game directly to our servers to ensure it's always available.

Leafo, thanks so much for assisting the developer!
As a gamer myself, I also feel much better having the download direct from the servers of the store selling it.

Also be sure to let @Gamerdude developer know about how to use butler and such to make sure their game works correctly with the desktop application :)


The upload is maxed out at 2 gigs. I need at least 16 gigs.


You have to use to upload games larger than 2GB. In browser uploads are capped at 2GB

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I'm both amazed and astounded by this game.  It is...something.
The (sole) indie dev working on it obviously has a great deal of talent, skill, and dedication.
Unfortunately, none of those traits translate into the actual game itself.  It is basically 'what if a 10 year old boy made an action game'.
The most positive things I can say about this game are that it has an FOV slider (which actually works) and resolution options (which are janky but also work).

Bikini woman? check.
Big not-Diablo villian with barely-discernible voice acting?  check.
Ultra flashy combos? check.

The game froze whenever I opened the menu while in the game (bound to the M key apparently).
There's no control remapping (wut) or any indication of what controls do what purpose.

This game may be a bit TOO early in development; I'd actually say the dev should consider doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for an actual team to help polish/finish the game.  By my amateur estimates it seems about ~2 years of work to make it a solid indie action game.  Maybe ~1 year or less only if hiring veteran game devs who know what they want to do and how to do it ASAP.

All the trailers and videos in the world won't help; this is the type of game that needs an actual game demo prior to release.