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Faito Gears (An epic Sci-Fi JRPG spanning time and space itself.)

A topic by FateGears created Oct 19, 2016 Views: 233 Replies: 1
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Faito Gears is a Sci-fi JRPG that revolves around two people one is named Judah and the other is named Magdalene. Both of them are looking for the "Tear Of Adam" which is a object of unknown origin and power. Both come from a place called "The Throne Of God" and very little is known about it. Yet Judah knows a whole lot more then he says. This is set during a tumultuous period in human history where humans are starting to question their existence and are actively looking for a way to prove so. This is all leading to a grand conclusion that answer find the truth to the universe.

Game Info

Platform: Windows
Genre: JRPG
Engine: Smile Game Builder RPG Edition
Release date: TBA

Overall Game Idea

  • 3D Single Player JRPG
  • Around 30 Hours of Game play
  • Day and Night Cycle *Hopefully*
  • 2D Front Facing Turn Based Battle System *Might Change*
  • Many Boss Fights
  • Vast World To Explore (Not Open World sorry!)

Thanks for viewing!

Feel free to ask me anything, i'd be happy to answer them.:D
Got positive comments? say them! they will inspire me to keep going!
Got negative comment? say them! they will inspire me to improve even more!

I'll try to post here often, since i'm the only guy working on this and have studies to attend. I'll be posting more info about the game

Check my Trello board to check the progress of the game: (I updated it everyday I work on the game.)

Check my Twitter:

Update #2


Today I will be showing off completed areas of the game. I hope you enjoy it!

Oruth Village

alt text
This is the first village that you begin in. It's a very small village that wants to stay isolated from the rest of the world problems. For years it's done this but recently it's been taken over by the Demiurge Army.

Entris Road

alt text
Entris Road is the only path that leads to Oruth Village and the only exit for it also. There's a small cave that leads into the Yehva Sea. It's also the only way to get into Abrithim which is a small town that aligns with the Demiurge.