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Taterpig: A No-Player TTRPG

A hand-written and hand-made role-playing game where nobody has agency. · By magister ludi

Actual Play - The story of Sangjun's taterpig Sticky

A topic by magister ludi created Apr 13, 2019 Views: 683 Replies: 2
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Before you buy this game, you might want to know what it's like! Here's a play-by-play of my own play of my own game.

So my taterpig looks like this:

What a silly guy. I like him already. But what's up with him? What's his story?

The face is pretty piggy, I think. I don't think it's cowwy, but it might be me. Anyways, his piggy face informs me that he grew up relatively happy. Though I do wonder what's up with that scar between his eyes, though. But maybe I'll find out once I know more about him.

The legs are unneat and uneven. They are actually rough and broken, too! Oh no! That means my taterpig has a few loyal friends but apparently got hurt by some taterpigs. That's unfortunate, but my taterpig is still standing strong. Perhaps it's because of his few but good friends.

The species is... I think it's a potato. I bought it from the produces section and it said "a sack of potatoes". I have reasonable suspicion that it's a potato. So this guy must have lived healthy.

The shape is pretty round, with some dents. I'm looking at the guy and, yeah, he's round! So maybe he doesn't really suffer much physical pain, at least to the point he's bothered by it. That's pretty nice. I have Crohn's, so I kinda wish that were the same for me.

The eyes are kinda odd, aren't they? The guy must see the world differently than most other taterpigs. It's interesting, because my taterpig must have had some relational trauma, but he still feels okay with the world. His friends must be very good friends.

The ears are big! They seem even enough. Can't say neat, but even. So my taterpig hears good things from other taterpigs - this is totally in line with my imagination that my taterpig feels okay within himself because of his friends!

The nose is pretty silly. I like that. The nostrils are big and round, and the nose is huge! This means that my taterpig is confident in himself. I don't know why the legs bother me so much, because everything I am finding about him says he is a strong taterpig, at least internally!

The tail is invisible in this photo, but let me tell you - my taterpig has a round tail that is super cute. It's curvy, I'd say. The text says that means my taterpig gets down sometimes, but he feels okay again every time. That's good to know... I would be sad if my taterpig feels down all the time.

So the last part is the most important one. Do I like my taterpig? Hell yeah. My taterpig is the BEST. I love him! This means that my taterpig is very happy!

There are other parts of my taterpig's story that haven't been explored yet, like his name or such. You know what? I'm gonna keep them a mystery - I wouldn't want anyone to get closer to my taterpig than myself. He's the best. He's mine! My taterpig!

This is the greatest session report I have ever read. 


Do you know what's even greatester? Your session of Taterpig! Play it if you haven't yet!