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New game demo!!!

A topic by TANTRUM games created 99 days ago Views: 63
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Hey guys!!! I'm fairly new to the Itch community and I've worked on a project for the past 5 months. I'd like to share it with you guys! Please share feedback and any other comments on the game's page. Thank you for reading this and have an awesome day!

Pumpkin Quest (demo)

Pumpkin Quest is a retro, 2-D pixel platformer with hybrid RPG and Metroidvania elements added in. Guide Broc on his quest to find five mythical pumpkins and some spices needed for a pie recipe! Meet town folk, pet dogs and jump over platforms! Ward off evil spirits, find loot and fight killer turkeys in this epic adventure from the maker of AXG and Up n’ Atom! This app is a demonstration.