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Pit of Mirrors (Spoilers)

A topic by Narrative Dynamics created Apr 11, 2019 Views: 122 Replies: 6
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RyanMcRae asked about this in another thread: "In the first adventure, I'm super unclear how the goblins are supposed to defeat the ooze. "

Me too!  I wouldn't say the goblins are "supposed to" defeat the ooze.  In fact, I haven't seen it happen yet.  That said, it could be possible.

  • It is clearly weakened by light and the site is full of mirrors and the bright coruscate orb.  If the ooze was drenched in enough light, the goblins could attack from a 'good position' and do pretty well.
  • The runed axe that Blance the warrior is carrying does say: "Does one additional harm to magic creatures (such as the Tenebrous Ooze) and cannot be conven- tionally destroyed."  It could be very useful if the Goblins get hold of it.
  • Parts of the ooze were stored in runed jars in a cold safe.  The ooze's cell walls are coated in runes.  If the goblins copied the runes, they might be able to re-imprison it.

There are opportunities for clever approaches, and several groups have used them to flee with minimal losses.  None so far have 'won'.  This tone is carried through other adventures as well.  Goblins are small and scrappy and won't always solve huge, inscrutable problems like the ooze.  So far groups who have run through the Pit of Mirrors have enjoyed what victories they've earned.

Having not run the game yet,  I didn't realize the outlook is so bleak! I'm excited to try it out.

I mostly just wanted to post here to say that while reading this adventure I had the coolest idea for a magic item, which is a mirror from which the very end of a thick vine grows (yes, out of the mirror). However, when looking into the mirror, it appears as though the vine extends into your world, because you can see it "in the mirror". When you break the mirror, the vine appears in the 'real world' in that direction, which is different depending on where you were looking, and at what angle you were holding the mirror. HAD to share.


Neat!  I like any item that encourages strange, specific problem-solving.


Wafflebunny, we don't think of it as a bleak outlook! Goblinville is about goblins going into crazy dangerous places, grabbing what they can and escaping with their lives (and loot) intact. It's not about "winning" in the traditional fantasy RPG way, by killing everything in the dungeon. From the ground up in our adventure designs (and in our adventure design guidelines), we try to instill that monsters aren't just obstacles in the way of the treasure, and that's something important for both our players and GMs to embody.

If the goblins don't kill the ooze, good! That means they were probably smart enough to not go near it in the first place! It also means that it's going to escape, and that's much more valuable as a recurring story in the persistent world of your Goblinville game.

On topic, I couldn't find a reason that the spider folks would be leaving their nests. I know they can't communicate much in the first place, but is there a written reason I missed that they would set fire to the lab and run away?


On the previous turn, the ooze collapses the floor of their living quarters and begins its escape.  The Weavers are fleeing for their lives.

RIGHT. Thank you, I knew I missed something in there.