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Prime Maxima: Warrior

Master your arms. Rally your troops. ​ ​Become a Warrior! · By MythAtelier

Feedback Thread

A topic by MythAtelier created Apr 10, 2019 Views: 228 Replies: 8
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Developer (1 edit)

Hey all, if you've had a chance to play the game I would love to know what you thought of it, where you felt things were too easy/hard, what stuff was hard to understand and how you believe it could be improved. Similar to bug reports, the more specific you can get the better I will be able to address the issue. I will do my best to accommodate your feedback into future builds. Of course, if you just want to fling insults at me, that's okay too (I'm fair game, but don't target other posters) :P

Few observations. 

1> one needs to open the gates but the location of gates is not clear. 

2> pressed Escape instead of fight and moved to the next level. 

3> during a fight some activities happen on their own but it is not clear why visctoy happens

4> How do you avoid the arrows? does not seem to be any way to avoid the arrows. 

5> why does the game get over ? 

Developer (3 edits)

Hey, thanks for posting your thoughts! Here are a few things that might help:

1> The location of the gates is at the bottom of the Xalban Fort level which you will get to by going to the right (where you will see the gate), right again, then up and then down the stairs, then to the left, then down again. We will make this objective more clear in an upcoming build.

2> This is a known bug that will be fixed in the upcoming build. Thank you for pointing it out!

3> This is a game with turn-based combat. Each round, you select an action from the menu that your character will do like "Weapon Tech" or "Battle Arts" or "Use Items". Once you have selected your actions, each person will execute their actions in Turn Order (which can be seen on the bottom-right). This will continue until either all the enemies are defeated (resulting in Victory) or all of your party being defeated (resulting in a Game Over).

4> Yes, you can avoid the arrows by moving away from them on the map. Arrows are fired in set patterns so you can move between the gaps in order to approach the archer. The first arrow that hits is done so that you learn what the effect of getting hit by an arrow is. As this isn't clear, we will change the effect so it is more clear. Options will also be available in later builds which can let you slow down the arrows.

5> If each person is your party is Knocked Out (lose all of your Health Points) either in a fight or on the map, you are sent to the Game Over screen. To avoid this, use skills like "Breather" and items like "Potion Vial" to heal yourself and your allies. There are also wells that heal you up to full health in each level, so keep an eye out for those.

I hope those points improve your experience of the game. Feel free to ask more questions and give feedback.

Follow the game so that you can get updates on when these get fixed :)

Thanks for sharing your game! I really like a lot of your concepts, the battle system especially you did a great job of making it unique and not just your stereotypical RPG. that said, idk if I may have accidentally skipped through a tutorial or something but I had trouble understanding exactly how it worked. I'm assuming the stances were like a weakness triangle but it wasn't clear, overall it was cool but not intuitive and you should give the player a better explanation of the system.

I really liked the on map action elements like dodging the arrows, also liked being part of a company and getting paid for kills. and I'm a big fan of the music!

some tweaks to suggest:

  • saw a couple spelling errors: should be br(ie)fed not br(ei)fed in opening scene, "winces" not "winches" (after 1st boss battle), sergeant not seargent
  • IMO every scene should have music or at least BGS, I noticed a few were totally silent
  • the stance icons in battle are displaying right on top of enemies, might look better over their heads 

hope that wasn't too nitpicky, those are just little things that might give the game more polish. overall I thought the demo was great, I'm excited to see what's next!


Hey, thank you so much for playing the game! I'm glad you liked the concepts, this game was my chance to test them out and refine them over the next few months. Hopefully, it will make it stand out among other RPG Maker games. To the points that you mentioned:

- So, the Stances aren't a strict combat triangle. Right now High counters Low, Low counters High and then Mid is sort of a safe stance. In my mind, what skilled play looks like is going for the opposite stance as the enemy to maximize your damage and going for the same stance as the enemy to minimize incoming damage. This can be done if the player knows which skills allow them to transition between Stances and what stances they know the enemy to likely be in. But I agree, right now it is not intuitive and I will improve the tutorialization of that.

- Good catch on the spelling errors and the missing background sound. Those will definitely be fixed by next patch (which is in two days!)

- Good call on the stance icon position. Will try to figure out the UI scaling for that as there are enemies of different sizes.

And no, you are not being nitpicky at all. This is exactly the sort of feedback I'm looking for! Appreciate you taking the time to respond :D

I don't know if the ruin's boss is defeatable or not but I finished without fighting him.

and a wrong transfer at 1:01:46 and when I selected the ruins for second time at the end, it didn't work.

and for the jungle two character were selectable.


Appreciate the feedback and the video to go along with it! 

- Gear Tyrant is an optional fight as the mission priority is to rescue hostages. Boss will run away if you damage them too much in one go.

- The time stamp helps narrow it down! That transfer bug should be fixed by the next patch. We also have a third mission to go to.

- All 4 characters should be playable by the next patch. Currently, only Chirij really works.  Some AI tweaks will be added as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play. You are awesome :)

In the jungle I suddenly confronted with the Wild Tyrant and died. If there was something that had suggested to save, I would have tried it again.


Good point! We are redesigning the Irydes Woods level for the next build, so I will incorporate that feedback. Doesn't seem fair to waste a player's progress in the level if they don't know that the boss is coming.