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Astervoid 2000

A high energy, local multiplayer action space brawler. Combining classic arcade action with modern gameplay. · By madcapacity, Chuck Bergeron

Team Deathmatch Now Playable!

A topic by Chuck Bergeron created Oct 16, 2016 Views: 227
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- Team Deathmatch! 6 selectable ship models w/ 6 different factions (various colourways). Choose the same faction to play with a teammate: (2 vs 2), (3 vs 1), (2 vs 1 vs 1), or classic Free For All.

- Better scoreboard screens, showing which ships you destroyed, hazard deaths and overall score

- Larger asteroids colliding w/ other larger asteroids, the warship, and player ships can cause damage

- Add a 'start over' button to quickly restart the current game w/ the same setup of players, game mode, etc


- Tone down some image effects

- Music improvements

- Increase projectile firing kickback

- Lower the boost impulse audioclip volume (better on the ears in singleplayer survival mode)

- New Warship damaged / destroyed graphics

- (keyboard controls) Right-shift boosts, similar to left-shift

- Fixed 'dust' particle effect


- (keyboard controls) Enter / return key no longer pulls up ship scores UI during warmup