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Alchemy Story

A charming indie game about magic, cute creatures and adventure! · By Éloïse

Bug Report Sticky

A topic by Éloïse created Apr 08, 2019 Views: 331 Replies: 5
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If you've found a bug in Alchemy Story, please let me know about it here and I'll look into it!

Here are some info that will help me recreate and fix the issue.

  1. Which game version you are playing.
  2. Description of the issue you've encountered.
  3. System specifications

Thank you!

i dont know if this is a bug , but i cant find anything else on this. my game is stuck on the fawn quest even since ive beaten it. i am able to interect with the character which was previously a fawn what can i do to fix this? 


Hi, just to be sure I'm understanding you correctly, the active quest is still to gather mementos and talk to Jasmine? You could try to reopen your game, the save might load it correctly and you'll be bale to do the next quest. Either way I'll look into it and try to fix it!

yes i still have the quest "a little fawn" even though i have grabbed all 3 momentos and she remembered her name.


1. Alpha Version 3

2. If I quit out of the game after sleeping and saving then log in later to continue my game, I don't have any produce from the animals or bees even if I cared for and fed them the previous day

3. Windows, Intel i7, quad-core processor,  terabyte hard-drive , geforce GTX graphics


1. I am unsure of how to find the version, but I know I downloaded the latest on 9/1/2019

2. After doing Madeline's transformation, I did get the mailbox with her quest, but the quest didn't take because I had a different persons main quest up in adventure.  It didn't show up after I had completed the other person's adventure quest either.  I went on to complete Nathaniel's adventure quest, but Madeline's still never showed up.

3. Windows 10, Intel i7, quad-core processor,  1TB hard-drive, (I also have a 1 TB ssd that isn't fully installed yet) , geforce GTX graphics