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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Gorn/Frostford Mod v1.1

A topic by Leonais created Apr 06, 2019 Views: 3,183 Replies: 6
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This is my 'improved' Strive that makes it more of the game I'd like to play. I created it to resolve some of the problems in starting the mansion in Gorn or Frostford and it then kept growing. The Gorn/Frostford mod makes game changes for

- starting in Gorn or Frostford by solving problems with jobs, levelup requests, merchants, repeatable quests
- reinforce the home city focus by closing down merchants and repeatable quests in other cities
- better game balance on some spells, items, and enemies
- guidance is no longer a teleport everywhere spell, you will have to travel
- quality of life improvements on enchantments, resting, and some quests
- (optional) an escalating payment system for players who want a long term money challange

There is no change to the sexy stuff in the game so play with this mod if you want a tighter, harder game or want a balanced Gorn/Frostford start.

Smaug made a request in v0.2 - "Can I request stuff? Maybe some way to implement a scaling dept or any kind of money sink to deal with endless late-game wealth. Some way to tweak uncivilized mobs so that the fights and capturing them would actually be challenge not a ez way to make way too much mone". I've tried to put that into this version with the charity scheme. Any feedback on that is welcome as I personally haven't tested it much.

After doing all my testing with the random portriats mod on I've belately found out that there is a clash between the two mods. The order shown in the mod screen is important. If you have my mod in position 0 and randomportraits in position 1, some code is overwritten and there are no quests in the guild at game start. To get it to work, put randomportraits in position 0 and my mod in position 1. 

Believe it or not, the obvious fixes don't work so for now please put the mods in the right order.

If you can't buy items in other towns where do they go?

At the start you have to make do with home town equipment. As you progress, items can be found in Shaliq, the black market, loots, an so on.

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Yess, thank you for adding the "student loans" modifier!

I guess I will test if this works with 0.5.24a, but thank ye a lot.

edit: does NOT work with latest, breaks all kinds of ways.

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Bump for update - Should work with Strive version 0.5.24.c

Should work with random protraits. Old clashes should be gone.

Quite a lot of changes under the hood for repeatable guild quests. New guild quests for all cities to improve balance. 

Very nice, appreciated.