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Understanding the economy of this course.

A topic by Metacious created Oct 13, 2016 Views: 399 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone,

I want to open this topic to talk about many features a RPG needs to be fun, but that are not always the most important priority for it. Most game devs go for the story and art, which is excellent, but sometimes we can't forget how important is to make a game challenging or fair for the player.
When you make a complex game with many rules and effects, creating items, spells and powerups becomes harder to justify and balance, but before that, it is important to understand the basics and fundamentals of how to make a good system.

I'm interested to learn the reasons behind the use of some codes, so I'll be posting my progress and notes here. If you believe something can be done through another method, have questions or you want to contribute to the research, this is the place!

The topics I'm covering and investigating are:

  • Data structures: Checking which one are best for each feature.
  • Mathematics for the game's progress.
  • The scripts for items, inventories, spells, power ups, enemies, etc.
    • Pretty much everything related to the game's balance.
  • Game economy.
    • Experience curves, level design and user's behavior.
  • JSON.
    • This one is VERY important, so we must work hard on it.
If there is anything else related that you want to contribute, go ahead and share it with us. I can help with Game Economy Design while I learn how to apply it into code.

Hope it helps, thank you.


Great topic! I'm excited to hear on your findings. I'll be watching here so if you have questions/suggestions don't hesitate to post them.

Ok, a month has almost passed and with it a million of things happened behind cameras.

Just to keep informed about them and not to give the impression that this idea died:

We organized a third Game Jam in our city, Santiago/Chile. A fourth might be coming up, otherwise we'll continue the activities next year,

I've taken a Game Dev course sponsored by a private person, therefore I'm focused in learning arrays in one way or another. Same with a drawing class, because you know, it feels good even if it won't be applied right now.

So this gives us until December to begin with the Economy analysis of this course, unless someone wants to ask anything right now. Meanwhile, the structure of the game's code for this topic is my highest priority.

Have a great week!


I would like to share something interesting about JSON from the GameMaker Community.

Written by @jujuadams, he explains a method to save our configuration data:

A Fantastically Dry Tech Post


Thanks for the share :D

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I know this isn't as active as I want, but most of the conversation is going through the course comments.

Anyway, 2 aspects that I want to talk about are Data Structures and Cutscenes.

Data Structures: Just talk about them, what are they, how they work, why do they work they way they do. DS and chill.

Cutscenes: Understand the scripts located in the Alpha builds. Same purpose, understand the planification of cutscenes to justify the code.

Also, if anyone has a question about video game economy, I can help solve it.

Have a great Christmas everyone