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Updates Roadmap Sticky

A topic by Bravery Software created Apr 04, 2019 Views: 80
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Developer (1 edit)

Hello guys!

These are in our update roadmap. This is a list of improvements, additions and fixes coming to the game.

Update coming on Friday, 04/05/2019

- New areas inside the Aina Sanctuary (3 rooms, one battle arena).

- New enemy, Fallen Bishop (Boss battle).

- Bug fixes in AI, heroes animations and performance tweaks.

Updates planned soon:

- Possibility to upgrade and improve armors and weapons (coming soon).

- Possibility to save and load game (coming soon).

- New NPCs, guardians and citizens, coming to the sanctuary. (coming soon)

- New cinematics (dialogues and intros, will be added as they are complete).

Future updates:

- Chapter one, The Chosen Four (already in game, 90% complete on the next update)

- Chapter two, The Balance is Lost (coming)

- Chapter three, Sandstorm (coming)

- Chapter four, The Titans (coming)

- Chapter five, Ashes and Embers (coming)

- Chapter six, The Lights of Lucern (coming)

- Chapter seven, The Lost City (coming)

As we update the game, we're gonna add more details about each section added to game.

Bravery Team