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Composer Looking for Groups to Work With/For Game Jams

A topic by Nik Kos created Oct 13, 2016 Views: 139
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Hey! I'm Nik and I've been composing/producing music for 5 years now! I have a strong background in producing pop and electronic styles as well as some orchestral, but I really wanted to branch out more into game music, and am pretty much looking for anyone who wants to pick me up for any type of project you might have. You can get a feel for some of my previous work via my old YouTube Channel, but it doesn't really showcase everything I'm capable of, so if you're interested, shoot me an email at NikKosContact(at) and I can send you a portfolio/give you a demo for an idea of music you think might be cool for your game. I'm also super interested in participating in a game jam and can compose fairly quickly so if you're participating one and need someone to do music I could totally help you out there! Anyways, nice to meet you!